Missions Emphasis

We believe that a church should be active outside of its walls. The goal of the Missions Emphasis is to plan, promote, support and encourage engagement in domestic and foreign missions opportunities.

Mission Kids

We believe Mission Kids exists to provide a safe, fun-filled, and interactive environment. Our goal is that every child will embrace the love of Jesus and begin a relationship with him. We want every child to understand they are made by God, loved by God, and a friend of Jesus.

Women of Mission

A gathering of women from all backgrounds and all ages to grow their faith in Christ and support each other. They also support the church through volunteering and the community through service projects throughout the year. This is a new ministry that is kicking off this fall and we plan to meet monthly on the 2nd Friday of each month. Please check the church calendar to confirm dates/times and other events.

Community Health

We believe that physical health is an important as spiritual health. The goal of the community health team is to plan, promote, support, and encourage the health of the whole person through health related information, events, and education.

Buildings & Grounds

We believe how our buildings function is imperative to Mission reaching its vision. The goal of the Building and Grounds team is to promote functional, clean, and updated facilities for optimum use by teams and groups.

I Love My Church

We believe that a space should reflect ownership and care. The goal of I Love My Church Team is promote a “house” that is ready for guests. We will continually be looking at how to facilitate a welcoming and caring environment in every room in every building!

Security Team

We believe that church should be a safe place to explore a relationship with Christ. The goal of the security team is to leverage knowledge and practice of public safety to insure that every event at Mission and its campuses is as safe as possible. Children and students will be the first priority of safety.

Care Team

We believe that a church should care for its own whenever needed. The goal of the Care Team is provide food when needed to an individual and/or family in the event of crisis, death, surgery, birth, or tragedy. Food is a practical and simple way to share care and concern for each other by eliminating the need to worry about 1 key need when help and support are needed.

Senior Care

We believe that every generation matters and is important in the body of Christ. The goal of the Senior Care Team is to provide support and encouragement whenever and however needed to show our aging members that they are important and have a supportive spiritual family available to them.

Tech Team

We believe that technology is too important to ignore in our worship environment. The goal of the Tech Team is to mix audio, use presentation software, adjust stage lighting, record Sunday messages, and search for new technology that enhances the modern worship environment.

First Impact Team

We believe that we are to show the love of Christ to all our guests. The goal of the First Impact Team is that guests will feel welcomed in such a way that they would become friends instead of strangers.


We believe that Mission can and should be a great place to work. The goal of the personnel team is promote a healthy and responsible work environment where every staff member finds support, encouragement and, when needed, accountability so they can work to his/her fullest potential.


We believe the financial resources that have been given to Mission are to be used wisely. The goal of the finance team is to utilize prayerful and prudent stewardship to insure that the vision, mission, and values of Mission church are funded at their fullest potential.

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