Become Believers, Grow as Followers and Rise as Leaders

Our Mission:

We believe the church is the BEST place in our community where people can become equipped to BECOME believers, GROW as followers and RISE as leaders.



People matter, people are the building blocks of the Church. Everything we do centers on people in the following ways:

-People are free to come to Mission as they are regardless of lifestyle, addiction, past, current struggle, or depth of need.

– People are the focal point of everything we do. We see Jesus in the New Testament focusing on people much more than religion. We based everything we do at Mission on the value of connecting with and relating to people.

– People matter to us because they matter to God. If the business of the church ever becomes more important than people, we will fail in our mission. Jesus did not die on the cross for institution of the church, he died for the people who make up His church.


– People coming to trust Christ. We have to see people embracing Jesus as Savior. If we don’t, then there is a lack of growth and we must re-evaluate our methods and strategies.

– People must also grow in their faith. In other words, doing life in a way that is more reflective of God’s design rather than the world’s design. We call this process becoming a disciple – a follower of Jesus. The growth of a Christ follower is based on truth as found in the Bible. His words, reflecting His love, modeling His design for life is the foundation of deep and lasting growth that impacts every area of our lives.


Opportunities for improvement and greater effectiveness lie in a willingness to change. Without a value of change we all run the risk of becoming stagnant and complacent. Our goal is to avoid both of these dangers at all costs! Sometimes you don’t wait till something breaks to fix it, you fix it before it breaks.


We believe that anything worth doing in the church is worth doing as a team. We see teamwork modeled all throughout the Bible. When people combine their collective talents and passion, much more gets accomplished. We will always discourage people from being “lone ranger” servants and/or leaders.