Next Steps

One of the common questions we ask at Mission is, "What is your next step?" We believe everyone is on a journey, which begins with a step and continues with a series of steps that allow us to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

Whatever Next Step you take, we want to help you along the journey. Which of these are the Next Step you need to take?

Follow Jesus

The most important decision you will ever make is to put your faith in Jesus. We are here to help you as you seek answers and decide to follow Jesus.


The first act of obedience a person should take after following Jesus is through baptism. Baptism is a confession before everyone that you have put your faith in Christ and are committing to live for Him.

Become a Partner with Mission

Every Christian needs to be an active part of a local church. If you are interested in partnering with Mission Church, we invite you to join us at our next Intro to Mission, where you can learn more about our history and vision and our future.

Connect in a Small Group

Life is better in relationship with other people. In small groups, we seek to provide a place for people to get to know other believers and provide a place where we feel like we belong so that we can become more like Christ.

We have various small groups that meet on different days throughout the week for people to connect and study the Bible together.

Serve on a Ministry Team

Every person is created in God's image and made for good works and our gifts and abilities for the benefit of the church.

There are many opportunities for you to use your gifts and serve at Mission.

Give Generously

Your generosity is making a difference in Mission Church's ministries and our community. Our mission of equipping people to Become believers, Grow as followers, and Rise as leaders is supported exclusively through the generosity of our church family and guests.